Anthony (tape release), Elizabeth Moen, Starry Nights...

ANTHONY (AJ Worden) is releasing his tape this Friday at the Trumpet Blossom. This is one of the best records I got to help make in 2016, and his teaser tape is out of this world in both quality, and creativity. I hope folks can make it out. He is finalizing his album's mixes tomorrow. People will dig it.

Elizabeth Moen is in the studio this weekend plugging away on her record. It is going to be a bragger of a first album for sure (or any record for that matter). I am excited to be working on it and so proud of her and her fantastic effort.

Starry Nights are wrapping up their concept record this weekend. It is so good. They even got Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen to sing on it. That is the 2nd time I got to work with Joe in one way or another. That is a childhood dream come true. Pop Punk fans take note, you will dig it.

I am mastering a Pat Hazell record this week. Pat has been doing this longer than I have been alive, and is still breaking new ground. Thanks for letting me work on your stuff Pat.

Dana T was in recording yesterday with some friends. I would love to explain who, or what they were working on, but he just said,"a punk band..."

The shower got installed this week. It is cold water only until next week, but the hard part is done. Now it is onto the front room of the building. Bands who stay here, just got a little sweeter deal with a fully functional bathroom (finally), and not just toilet only.

Booking late winter and spring sessions now. Lets make a record, together!