Candace, Mystery Blood, Commanders, In The Mouth Of Radness, Cable, Good Morning Midnight

Portland Oregon's own Candace was just in the studio for a full week with guest engineer Neil Weir. They were the first band to actually use the place as it was intended, 24 hours a day, including staying hear, using the shower, kitchen, living room and loft. They killed it too, as they were able to really focus with zero distractions. It was pretty impressive to sit back and watch somebody else use this place from a distance. Neil Weir is one of the best engineers in Minneapolis, so I was super excited he worked out of this place. I hope he, and they, do it again and again.

Mystery Blood were in a couple of weeks ago all the way from Wichita, Kansas. Those guys are just plain solid people. It was awesome having them here again.

Commanders was in last weekend. I had been hearing people talking about them but had not gotten a chance to see them play live yet. They knocked out basic tracking on about 15 songs and completed 3 of them. Iowa City people watch out, as I have a feeling you will be seeing these guys out more and more as the months go by. They are going for it.

In the Mouth of Radness is in here today with Phil Maul overdubbing some keys. I am looking forward to wrapping this record up. It is awesome, and it needs to get heard by the world.

AJ Worden had Saturday booked with me, but instead of doing his own stuff is bringing in his side project Cable. I look forward to seeing what that is all about.

Dana T has another couple of sessions this week with Good Morning Midnight. We have been going back and forth on that record, so I am looking forward to seeing what they do, during my next session with them.

Will Whitmore and Phil Maul helped me knock out some projects getting the studio ready for out of town guests like finishing off the bass booth, finishing wiring in a couple tiny patch bays and building a railing for the loft so people don't take a 10 foot fall in the middle of the night. HUGE THANKS for that fellas. I also just got the Barefoot remotes in, and installed yet another bass trap to tighten up the control room.

We are booking winter and fall sessions now. Let's make a record, together!!!