Flat Black Studios is Iowa's premiere recording studio.  It was started as a way to record myself and my friends at a rate that was not seen in any other studios, with bonuses unheard of anywhere at this price. We are located on 10 wooded acres just south of Iowa City, in an actual repurposed 3 story barn. The entire building is wired for sound, and packed with premium instruments, amplifiers, microphones and outboard gear. There is no studio in the area with more experience, more records released, or the ability to give you this high quality of a recording (at the cheapest rates anywhere). How is that possible? Because we love what we do and are doing it for the right reasons, honorably. If you want to make a record the way YOU want to, get in touch. We know you'll love it.  


Luke Tweedy

In the 1990's, I was hooking up a tape 4 track to a CD burner and struggling to buy entry level mics. Thanks to involvement in the music scene, overwhelming community support, drive and determination, I have honed my skill set and built a gear selection and studio environment that's on par with any professional studio out there. I work on several dozen records a year, from just tracking the drums, to full production work. I want to be involved in any way that I can and help you make the record YOU want, in the recording style YOU feel most comfortable. If you want to record with somebody who does this full time, with experience, passion and enthusiasm, I am your guy.

Dana T

Dana's first time in Flat Black was in 2012 while working with Huge Lewis as a bass player. Soon after he was co-producing Dagmar's album and working on his first solo LP. I was so impressed with his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and his dedication to the craft of making records, I asked him to consider being a part of Flat Black Studios. Now Dana works on records of every genre on a regular basis, both as a freelance engineer and a producer. - visit www.danatelsrow.com for more on Dana T